Giving Back

Game Plan Africa donates 10% of its profits to charitable organizations working in eastern and southern Africa, such as Wilderness Safaris Wildlife Trust, Children in the Wilderness, World Vision and the African Wildlife Foundation. Game Plan Africa supports other organizations that focus on programs and people in eastern and southern Africa.

Wilderness Safaris Wildlife Trust supports a wide variety of projects in southern Africa in the categories of wildlife management, research and education. These projects address the needs of existing wildlife populations, seek solutions to save endangered species and provide education and training for local people and their communities. For more information, visit their web site at

Children in the WildernessChildren in the Wilderness is dedicated to helping children whose childhoods have been interrupted and disrupted by life-threatening conditions such as illness, poverty and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Using environmental education, therapeutic recreation and good old-fashioned fun, Children in the Wilderness exposes children to new opportunities, increases their self-esteem, builds and strengthens their capabilities to cope with life’s challenges and educates them with the life skills necessary to actualize their greatest potential.

More information on Children in the Wilderness is available on their web site at

World Vision, an international organization, has programs that provide people with a clean water source, reduce food shortages, treat preventable diseases, and provide support for educational opportunities for children who could not afford to go to school. World Vision sponsors economic development programs to reduce the level of poverty, helps children who have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS, children who are victims of armed violence and offers many other programs directed toward saving children. World Vision also responds to natural disasters.

World Vision is in many of the countries in Africa, including Kenya, Malawi, South Africa and Tanzania. To view the programs and countries where World Vision works, go to their web site at

The African Wildlife Foundation’s approach to wildlife conservation is to manage Africa’s wild lands – not small pockets of land, not even national-park-sized swaths of it, but vast landscapes that range for hundreds, even thousands, of miles. To do this, African Wildlife Foundation involves, educates and equips local people to practice sustainable land management — and reap economic benefits.

Visit the African Wildlife Foundation web site to find out more about their conservation efforts at

pack for a purposeThere is need everywhere in the world and it is sometimes difficult to identify specific needs in places far from home.  Pack For a Purpose believes that people fortunate enough to travel to other countries often wish they could make meaningful contributions to help meet the needs of the places they visit.  The goal of Pack for a Purpose is to assist travelers to make those meaningful contributions.  The supplies donated go directly to the local community-based projects.  For more information on how you can help, visit the Pack for a Purpose web site by clicking here.