Chobe and Linyanti Areas

Chobe and Linyanti CanoeTo the north-east of the Okavango Delta are the Chobe and Linyanti Game Reserves. The many varied habitats within the Chobe and Linyanti parks – such as marshes, waterways, riverine forests, dry woodlands and the world-famous Savute Channel – have created an area renowned for its predators and large concentrations of game, particularly elephant.

Chobe National Park, in northwest Botswana, has one of the largest game concentrations on the African continent and it is the most diverse park in Botswana. The Chobe River, which flows along the northeastern border of the park, is a drinking spot for elephants and buffaloes at dry season.

The Savuti Marsh area constitutes the western portion of the park. During dry seasons, tourists going on safari often view warthogs, kudus, impalas, zebras, wildebeests and above all elephants bullying each other. During rainy seasons, the rich birdlife of the park (450 species in the whole park) is well represented. Packs of lions, hyenas, zebras or more rarely cheetahs are also visible. This region is known for its annual migration of zebras.

The Linyanti Marsh, adjacent to the Linyanti River, has riverine woodlands, open woodlands and lagoons. Here you will find large concentrations of lions, leopards, wild dogs, Roan antelopes, Sable antelopes, hippopotamuses, enormous herds of elephants, as well as the rare red lechwe, sitatunga and crocodile. There is also a rich birdlife.

Chobe and Linyanti Elephants

The park is probably best known for its spectacular elephant population, about 60,000 elephants in total making it the highest elephant concentration of Africa.

Safaris Visiting the Chobe and Linyanti Areas:

In addition to the following safaris, we can create a customized safari for you.

Botswana Summer Encounter
9 nights/10 days – A Discoverer Exploration
Okavango Delta, Linyanti and Chobe River, Victoria Falls

The Great Wilderness Journey

10 Nights/11 Days – Discoverer Tented Safari
Featuring Okavango Delta, Motswiri, Linyanti, Chobe National Park and Victoria Falls

Wings over Northern Botswana and Victoria Falls
7 Nights/8 Days – Luxury Tented Safari
Featuring Okavango Delta and Linyanti/Chobe region (Botswana) and Victoria Falls

Botswana Classic Explorer
8 nights/9 days – Adventurer Tented Safari
Chobe National Park, Okavango Delta

Selinda Canoe Trail
4 nights/5 days – A Trails Exploration
Selinda Spillway/Okavango Delta