Namibia Places

Namibia is a sun-baked land of geographical extremes from semi-desert region, extremely rugged with high mountains dropping down into deep valleys to deserts. Namibia is also home to the Himba, one the last true nomadic tribes on Earth.

A land of stark desert beauty inhabited by Herero-speaking people known for a healthy population of animals, including the desert-adapted black rhino.

Etosha National Park
Located in northwestern Namibia dominated by a salt pan desert whose perennial springs attract a variety of animals and birds throughout the year.

Namib Desert
Africa’s second largest desert, considered the oldest desert in the world and home to a number of unusual species of plaints and animals.

Skeleton Coast
Shipwreck sites litter the northern Atlantic coastline which is part of the Namib Desert. Seal colonies flourish in the waters of the ocean and game has adapted to this seemingly inhospitable place.

A clay pan in the central Namib Desert known for the tallest sand dunes in the world whose burnt orange color is a sign of age.

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