Skeleton Coast

Skeleton Coast ShipwreckThe Skeleton Coast covers the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean coast of Namibia, although it is sometimes used to describe the entire Namib Desert coast. The Bushmen of the Namibian interior called the region “The Land God Made in Anger,” while Portuguese sailors once referred to it as “The Gates of Hell.”

The coast is named for the bleached whale and seal bones which covered the shore when the whaling industry was still active, as well as the skeletal shipwrecks caused by rocks offshore in the fog. More than a thousand vessels of various sizes and areas litter the coast. The coast is generally flat, occasionally relieved by rocky outcrops. The southern section consists of gravel plains, while north of Terrace Bay the landscape is dominated by high sand dunes.

Skeleton Coast Seals

Nature drives allow you to visit the shipwreck sites, clay castles of the Hoarusib River, seal colonies, Himba villages, natural fresh water springs, roaring dunes and more. You may see game like oryx, springbok, giraffe, ostrich, brown hyena, jackal and other smaller mammals. You will get an in-depth look at the specially adapted reptiles, birds, insects and plants that survive in this seemingly inhospitable place.

Safaris to this area:

Desert Dune Safari
9 nights/10 days – A Discoverer Exploration
Kulala Wilderness Reserve, Swakopmund, Skeleton Coast National Park, Palmwag Concession

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