Mt. Kilimanjaro

Tanzania Mt. KilimanjaroKilimanjaro, with its three volcanic cones, Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira, is an inactive stratovolcano in northeastern Tanzania rising 15,100 feet from its base. It is the highest peak in Africa, providing a dramatic view of the surrounding plains.

The highest point on Kilimanjaro is Uhuru Peak, on the volcano cone of Kibo. As the highest point in Africa, Uhuru Peak is one of the Seven Summits. The summit was first reached by the Marangu army scout Yohanas Kinyala Lauwo, German Hans Meyer and Austrian Ludwig Purtscheller, on October 6, 1889.

Due to Kilimanjaro’s equatorial location and high elevation, almost every climate type on earth is represented, including a year-round snow-topped summit.

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