Selous ElephantThe Selous Game Reserve is one of the largest fauna reserves of the world, located in the south of Tanzania. It was named after Englishman Sir Frederick Selous, a famous big game hunter and early conservationist, who died in this territory in 1917 while fighting against the Germans in World War I. It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982 due to the diversity of its wildlife and undisturbed nature.

The Selous Game Reserve is a vast region of largely unexplored bush teeming with wildlife, and, with very few roads in the interior, it is a serene wilderness safari experience. Bisected by the Rufiji River, the Selous is one of the most remote parks in Africa. Some of the typical animals of the savanna such as elephants, hippopotami, African Wild Dog and crocodiles can be found in this park in a larger numbers than in any other African park.

Game drives offer excellent game viewing. It is also one of the only large game reserves in Tanzania that allows walking safaris, enabling wildlife enthusiasts the chance to explore the African wilderness on foot. Additionally, the area is known for its prolific bird life.

Safaris to this area:

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Spectacular Selous – Extension
5 days/4 nights – Luxury Tented (Thatched Banda) Safari
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