Gorillas in the Virungas and Bwindi

Gorillas in Virungas and Bwindi MountainThis 8-day safari starts and finishes in Kilgali. It can also be done on a private basis.

Seeing some of the last remaining 700 mountain gorillas in the world is a fantastic experience and this safari takes you to three gorilla parks – Parc National des Volcans (PNV) in Rwanda and Mgahinga and Bwindi in Uganda. It offers an opportunity to track gorillas four times, twice in PNV, once in Mgahinga/Nkuringo and once in Bwindi.

Mgahinga, in Uganda, is a great place to appreciate the unique Virunga volcanoes and it has one habituated family. Sometimes this group moves across the border and you can track gorillas at Nkuringo in Southern Bwindi instead. You can also climb a volcano or go for a nature walk, visit the endangered golden monkey or go birding. Bwindi in Uganda has four habituated families and the gorillas there live in thicker tropical forest and tracking is more challenging as the hillsides are steeper. You can also go for nature walks to see birds, monkeys and orchids.

Gorillas in Virungas and Bwindi Waterfall

Brief Itinerary

Day 1: Depart for Parc National des Volcans, gradually climbing to the base of Virunga volcanoes
Day 2: Go gorilla tracking in Parc National des Volcans
Day 3: Go gorilla tracking or visit the golden monkeys or other optional activities in the area
Day 4: Relax or choose one of the optional activities in the area
Day 5: Go gorilla tracking in Hgahinga/Nkuringo, or climb a volcano
Day 6: Drive to Bwindi through the “Switzerland of Africa”
Day 7: Go gorilla tracking or choose one of the optional activities available in the area
Day 8: Leave for Kilgali; time permitting, tour the city before transferring to the airport

For the detailed itinerary with costs in pdf format, click below.


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