Mana Shoreline Canoe Safari

The Mana Shoreline Canoe Safari is a luxurious mobile safari where you leave camp with the sunrise and unhurriedly canoe your way to the next camp.  This safari follows the Zambezi River through the Mana Pools National Park.  Your journey begins and ends with a night at Ruckomechi Camp set on the banks of the dominating Zambezi River brimming with hippo.

Mana ShorelineCanoeing offers guests a unique way of viewing game where you can safely glide alongside elephants crossing the Zambezi and watch game coming down to the river to drink.  Canoeing begins near the confluence of the Ruckomechi and Zambezi Rivers and continues along the Mana Pools shoreline.

Brief Itinerary:
Day 1:
 Ruckomecki Camp
Days 2-4: Canoeing on Zambezi River in Mana Pools National Park
Day 5:  Ruckomecki Camp

For the detailed itinerary with costs in pdf format, click below.


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